Spamalot! – Top spam from my blog


It’s been a little while since I logged into my WordPress dashboard – holidays, family, work have all got in the way of writing random posts for this blog. One of the first things I always do is check the spam folder, just incase someone nice has written a genuine comment on one of my blog posts (I know, stranger things have happened!).

Today I was overwhelmed with the tremendous response my blog has had from all sorts of random people around the world who were motivated to leave me a lovely comment. I received some lovely comments about weight loss, search engine optimisation and other random comments that have nothing at all to do with the post they were submitted against. Here are a few of my faves from today’s haul of Spamalot!

Sorry my blog ate your comment
How do you get stuckness?
Yes, dieting is a nasty word in the world of… dieting
Some great points about blogging in my post about shiny nails
Weight loss is so confusing that I had to write a ranty post about yarn bombing.
It appears that Easter Egg hunts are much more popular than even I thought. Stay up this great work!
The experts need to know about my carrier bag obsession!

Thankfully WordPress has a handy feature called Akismet that keeps comments in a queue rather than auto publishing them, so I can stop this nonsense from appearing on my blog. There’s plenty more Spam waiting in my dashboard for the next edition of Spamalot!


Image: freezelight on Flikr

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