DIY Gel nails at home

DIY gel nail colour

Gel nail varnish stays on for two weeks and has a better finish than normal nail polish. However it will cost you at least £20 every two weeks to have the polish soaked off and re-applied, as well as the time it takes for the appointment.

DIY gel nails are really easy once you know how and it means that you can do your nails whenever it suits you (evenings in front of the TV for me). I like the Blue Sky range but you can also use Shellac, OPI, SensatioNail or any of the other brands.

What you need for Gel nails

1. UV lamp
2. Prep & Wipe solution
3. Lint free wipes
4. Nail polish remover solution (sold in a pack with the Prep & Wipe solution)
5. Nail polish remover caps or wraps
6. Metal cuticle pusher/varnish remover
7. Base coat and top coat
8. Gel nail varnish

All you need for DIY gel nailsThis kit will cost about £40 upfront (using just one colour) but that will pay for itself quickly – the same cost as two professional gel colour appointments.



How to prep for Gel nails

Start by removing any existing nail varnish and filing nails to the required length and shape. Push your cuticles back as much as possible.

Use one or two of the lint free wipes and the ‘Prep & Wipe’ solution to clean your nails ready for painting.

I tend to do one hand before the other, as otherwise you can end up damaging the varnish before it has set properly.

Apply varnish

gel nail colorUse the base coat on one hand, then use the UV lamp to ‘cure’ it.

Follow up with two coats of your chosen Gel nail colour, curing the polish in between each coat.

If any colour ends up on your skin or cuticle use a cotton bud and nail varnish remover to remove it before you cure that coat with the UV lamp.

Finally use the top coat, and cure the varnish again.

Set the gel nail colour

The last step is to use the ‘Prep & Wipe’ and a lint free wipe to set the gel nail colour. Just wipe across each nail and the varnish will harden, and the stickiness will go away.

Removing gel nail colour

Removing gel nail colorYou will find that the gel nail varnish lasts much longer and is more durable than normal nail varnish. However after about 2 weeks it will start to flake or peel off your nails or grow out. As it is more durable, it is also harder to remove!

I use Gel nail remover caps which are like little hats for your fingers to wear. Pop some cotton wool in each cap, with a few drops of nail varnish remover and apply to one hand. Leave the caps on for a few minutes to soften the varnish, then peel the gel nail colour off your nails. You may need to soak again, and use the metal cuticle pusher to scrape any remaining colour off.

Gently file your nail to create a smooth surface ready to colour again.

Top gel nail colour choices

I have bought a range of gel nail polish colours and really like the Blue Sky range.
I love the deep red of Red Baroness, the crazy blue sparkle of this glitter range, and the subtle baby pink of this shade.

Colour change nail varnishFor something different try the colour change range – the purple/pink is great, and I also have a green/blue one. These change colour whenever your hand gets warm and come in a few fun colour combinations. Check out my aStore for other great colour choices.

How did you find these instructions? Let me know how you get on with your DIY gel nail varnish!

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