Do you have a carrier bag grading system?

Carrier bags

Do you have a carrier bag grading system? I realised that I do when I narrowly stopped my husband from putting muddy boots in my Cath Kidston carrier bag! Horror!

He didn’t quite get what the issue was, but for me that bag is way too good to be used to transport muddy footwear. Never mind the fact that it came with my prized possession (Big dotty Kidston bag), it’s nice and large and substantial. Perfect for re-use.

At the other end of the spectrum are the flimsy bags that you get from supermarkets, which are frankly pretty rubbish at carrying anything of substance, and are not fancy enough to re-use in public. If they manage to escape the carrier bag recycling, then their only purpose is as waste bin liners.

So, this got me thinking – does everyone have a carrier bag grading system either real, or in their minds?

Granted, we have a fairly small collection now given the big re-usable bags that we use when we remember, but the carrier bags still seem to multiply when you’re not looking.

Here’s my starter for ten with examples:

  1. Keep for best (eg Kath Kidston) – Not too shabby and could be taken out to lunch.
  2. OK to be seen in public (eg M&S, Next) – These are OK to be re-used or given to the kids to transport items but you wouldn’t be upset if you never saw them again.
  3. Practical but boring (eg Sports Direct, BHS) – Perfect for storing muddy boots or frankly anything else. Substantial and practical. They won’t disintegrate but you wouldn’t take them anywhere in public.
  4. Fit for the bin (Supermarket bags) – Flimsy irrelevances who generally have holes in them before they have even done their job the first time. Fit for bin liners or carrier bag recycling.
  5. Impossible – any paper bag, or plastic ones where the handles face the wrong way (eg Boots!)

Am I strange to have a carrier bag grading system?!

Bags - they are rubbish
These bags – they are rubbish

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