Key Lime Pie

key lime pie

The challenge: bring a desert for 6 adults for a dinner party. Hmm. What to do? A cake would be too heavy after a large dinner and several glasses of vino, and I didn’t want to fall back on my old faithful the Bailey’s Cheesecake again.

This was a tough one – time for a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Lovely cuppa tea
Lovely cuppa tea

The solution: Delia came to the rescue like an M&S Fairy with her Key Lime Pie recipe. It looks simple and quick to make, could be made in advance and would be easy to transport. It would be tasty and not too heavy. Perfect!

I adapted the recipe by making one and a half times the base so that we had a good amount of pie. My eggs were normal medium ones so I added 4 yolks to Delia’s 3 large ones. Other than that I followed Delia’s instructions to the letter!

The addition of Grape Nuts was the only ingredient that was a bit unusual. Aside from the rude-sounding name, Grape Nuts are a bit like All-bran but firmer and more circular. They add extra crunch to the base, but I would say that the pie would be fine without them.

The result: Well, it came out well and was readily eaten by all the guests. The sides to my pie were a bit rough so it looked a bit more of a rustic version to Delia’s perfect creation, but I don’t think that affected the taste. I decorated it with flakes of dark chocolate to give it some extra garnish.

Kooky key lime pie
My rustic key lime pie
Delia's delightful creation
Delia’s delightful creation

I ate mine so quickly I don’t really remember how much it tasted of lime (I had consumed a few glasses of Vimto by then!), so I might just have to make it again to savour properly this time.

The only thing I would do differently next time would be to make sure that the digestives are completely bashed beyond recognition as the lumps in my base made it crumble a bit too readily. Actually, I might miss out the Grape Nuts too as I’m having to eat them for breakfast until they are used up (waste not want not!).


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