New Year Sparkle!

Sparkly apples

The house always looks bare when the Christmas decorations are packed away – the baubles are safely packed away and the tree is looking forlorn dumped in the front garden. I do quite like having order restored, and putting everything away but the rooms look very empty.

This year I’ve kept some sparkle in the house as a ‘new year’ decoration. I picked up the glitter apples from Tesco in the sale, but there are similar ones available on Amazon (see below).

New Year Decorations
Twiggy Sparkly Apples!

The twigs are cuttings from a friend’s twisted willow tree, but anything decorative will do, or you could spash out and buy some decorative twigs.

I prefer the arrangement to be more 3-dimensional but with kids pushing past I have arranged the twigs to be quite ‘flat’. Hope you like it.

What have you done to keep some sparkle in your home?

Quick links:

Glitter apple decorations

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